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Redefining Business

Vacwear conducts business differently than most companies. We focus on relationships with our consumers instead of their wallets. Morals are an equal priority to us as ensuring that you receive the best products or services every time you purchase from Vacwear. As the world is shifting to pandering to consumers, we will give you a break from the usual politics to pamper you with the best we have to offer. After all, companies’ soulless activism will not make the world a better place, you will.

More American Than Apple Pie

Most people know that apple pies are not actually that American, but you can be guaranteed that Vacwear is. All custom orders are manufactured in the US, and we will strive to help local organizations/charities. Vacwear will continue to support the veterans of the 3973rd Combat Defense Squadron of MorĂ³n, Spain, in their anniversaries as their apparel manufacturer.