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About Us

We’ve said before that we’d like to be a very human brand, so here we’d like to elaborate on what Vacwear is, what we want it to be, and who we are as we strive to move it forward.

Vacwear started as a branch of its parent company, Vaccone LLC, but its core motivations were never to become a business empire. Initially, its goal was to legally raise enough money to buy a necklace for a girl. Though ultimately unsuccessful, those roots are what Vacwear is founded upon:

Love. Optimism. Ambition. Community.

The person you saw on the left of that image is Rocco. For all accounts and purposes, he’s the businessman among us. It’s his website, his company, and the financial side of the company is entirely him.

The person on the right of the image is Aidan. While Rocco owns and handles the business aspects of the company, Aidan handles the optics of everything. He makes the art Vacwear uses, and he writes most parts of the website.

We’ve been working together for a little more than a year, and we’ll be working together for a heck of a lot longer. We hope we can make products that you enjoy.