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More progress than initially thought!

“We’ve changed a couple of things since the website crashed. Some of the changes are rather large, while others are smaller. Overall, I feel like this’ll be a pretty middling update.” That’s how we STARTED writing this update, but it turns out we’re a bunch of big dummies! There’s a LOT more that we’ve changed […]

Mission Failed Successfully(?)

Fellas, we’ve reached a site milestone in a rather strange way, and though we might need to update this post as we learn more about the circumstances, it’s worth talking about as-is: Our site crashed yesterday. Now, that seems like a bad thing. After all, you don’t want a website to crash. That’s exactly what […]

Less long time, no see!

All of the work we’ve been doing really feels like it’s starting to pay off, and boy, we could not feel happier. Vacwear’s first big, ambitious design, Split Trajectory, was finished yesterday, and since then, we’ve spent the day reintroducing some of the best old designs and adding some brand new ones. On top of […]

Long-ish time, no see!

Hey! Despite it seeming like we’ve been quieter about our progress, ( which we have been,) we’ve still been making progress. With the bot, we caved to the troubles we were having and have hired some people to help us with the code. The things we need help on are improving steadily, but it has […]

New Changes!

There isn’t too much that’s new, but considering the list of tasks laid out in the previous post, we figured it’d be a good idea to talk about our strides toward accomplishing them. The biggest change we’ve made is the About Us page. Over there, we’ve briefly explained the roots of the company and who […]

The work we’ve done so far

To put it bluntly, we at Vacwear have been incredibly satisfied with the progress of our brand. In only a few days, the Vacwear bot has gone from a disorganized pile of spaghetti code to a somewhat well-oiled and functional machine, and the website looks better now than it ever has. As of now, the […]