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Long-ish time, no see!

Hey! Despite it seeming like we’ve been quieter about our progress, ( which we have been,) we’ve still been making progress.

With the bot, we caved to the troubles we were having and have hired some people to help us with the code. The things we need help on are improving steadily, but it has taken more time than we want it to.

We’ve added the Contact Us page, and we’re also now offering to host people’s websites, which we also made a page for. I think it’s a pretty solid deal, and I definitely wish we had something like this when we started making this site.

We’ve been working on more T-shirt designs, but due to some personal situations, the progress on that front has been slow as well.

Overall, things have been somewhat slow, but meaningful. The steps we’re taking now, though slow, are building blocks for leaps to follow.

Stay tuned!

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