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Mission Failed Successfully(?)

Fellas, we’ve reached a site milestone in a rather strange way, and though we might need to update this post as we learn more about the circumstances, it’s worth talking about as-is:

Our site crashed yesterday.

Now, that seems like a bad thing. After all, you don’t want a website to crash. That’s exactly what you don’t want to happen to your site, so why is it a milestone?

Firstly, because we can improve the site to prevent future crashes. We want to make Vacwear as great as it can be, as was stated in our hyperbolic, SEX HA About Vacwear Page. As exaggerated as it is, it’s still true. We want to make Vacwear the best we can make it, and this shows us a flaw that we can fix.

Secondly, because of how it crashed. We exceeded the bandwidth limit of the site. That means too many people tried to get on it at once, or so goes the current theory.

But what’s a theory if you can’t back it up with evidence? We scrambled to find ways to check the traffic of the site, and found that among the 512 unique visits to the site in the month of August, 140 of them happened just yesterday. Those are viewed traffic, too, which means no robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes. As of now, we can only assume that 140 people wanted to visit Vacwear so badly that it crashed.

If we’re right, this is very, very good for us. We haven’t really advertised outside of a couple of Instagram stories and bios Aidan made for his ~110 followers, so to see such a large response is a little mind-boggling. It would’ve been more mind-boggling to see some sales come out of the whole thing, but you can only ask for so much, right? Either way, we’ve put in a new plugin that’ll easier track site traffic.


Stay tuned!

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