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More progress than initially thought!

“We’ve changed a couple of things since the website crashed. Some of the changes are rather large, while others are smaller. Overall, I feel like this’ll be a pretty middling update.”

That’s how we STARTED writing this update, but it turns out we’re a bunch of big dummies! There’s a LOT more that we’ve changed than I realized, holy crap!

The first big change is that the website shouldn’t crash again. We’ve worked to ensure that, and we’re fairly confident with is so far.

The bot is able to stay up 24/7 with the commands we had initially completed, and we have a couple more things to check before we’re ready to put it here, but right now we’ve put it on the backburner. Though it’s really fun to work on, the bot doesn’t matter much if we don’t have the website firing at all cylinders. We’ll get back to it in the long run, but as of now the website is priority numero uno. In all honesty, we’re a little nervous about testing it again, because if it fails and we can’t figure it out, we might need to hire another person to help us. The first guy tried to get us roped into some weird scam, so you can understand the anxiety.

The second change is one of the major site improvements we’ve been working for. Because we want to work with more artists and feature them prominently, we’ve decided to change up the composition of the shop so that their work is prominently mentioned, each artist’s work is separated by the seller, and each product type available has a fun little icon. Each version went through a few different iterations, but where we stand now, it’s definitely better organized than before.

Though it came with its own setbacks, we now have a solid framework for paying our artists and a solid, secure method for doing so. In addition, going back and forth with the artists has honed our method of making and publishing designs, ensuring a high level of quality.

We’ve also started advertising. Hopefully, this leads to more people discovering and enjoying our products. If it worked, maybe some of the people who clicked on the ads are reading this right now…

Nah, who are we kidding? We’re not THAT good…

Or are we?

Stay tuned!

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