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The work we’ve done so far

To put it bluntly, we at Vacwear have been incredibly satisfied with the progress of our brand. In only a few days, the Vacwear bot has gone from a disorganized pile of spaghetti code to a somewhat well-oiled and functional machine, and the website looks better now than it ever has.

As of now, the Vacwear bot is able to perform 14 of the 32 commands originally planned, as well as 29 responses. Of these responses, the bot is able to recognize 23 synonyms.

The bot has also received the first donation toward its prolonged success. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are now working on the creation of v.doggo, a command that posts an image of a dog. It might be ruff work, but we will approach it doggedly.

Additionally, the website’s art has undergone a drastic overhaul. This has resulted in 20 different iterations of the Vacwear logo, 17 different iterations of the new background, and 4 different iterations of the bot’s extra icons.

Text entries such as these have also been introduced. The About Vacwear and Vacwear Discord Bot pages now have long paragraphs talking about how great Vacwear and its creations are. As hyperbolic as they are, I had fun writing them and hope they’re taken in good jest.

The most immediate improvements we hope to make are:

A page discussing who Vacwear is: As fun as it is to pretend we’re a bunch of bigshot master craftsmen, we think it’s important to show our users and customers the people that lie beyond the curtain. It’s also for clout. Duh.

New T-shirt designs for Vacwear: Though the website looks much better than before, the amount of products for sale is a tad too anemic for our tastes. We will work to improve this as much as we can.

The implementation of v.doggo: Our first donation means a lot to us, and we will not let that generosity fall to the wayside.

We hope that we have more to report soon, and we hope you’ll stick with us!

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