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What is VacLock?

Simplify your lifestyle and increase your security. VacLock will automatically lock your computer when idle or can shut it down if you forgot.

The code is completely open-source and can be viewed here:

Questions and answers

Why is VacLock a batch file?

Batch files look scary, but they are simple to develop and do not require any installations. VacLock was made to help people, and using a batch file allowed it to be transparent and quickly created.

Is VacLock safe?

VacLock is completely safe to use. However, only use the batch file from this website because other people could send you a modified version that is not safe.

Is VacLock actually free?

The batch file and its updates are completely free. You worked hard for your money, and Vacwear respects that.

Is VacLock good for privacy and is my data being collected?

Privacy is a fundamental right. No data is collected and the program will only work locally, except for updating.

Why does VacLock automatically update itself?

VacLock will update itself simply to provide the best experience and ensure that the user has access to all of the latest features.

Can I share this file with my friends?

VacLock was designed to help as many people as possible. As a result, feel free to share VacLock with other people. However, if your friend sends you VacZoom, make sure they did not modify the file. The best way to share VacZoom is to send a link to this website.

Do you accept feedback or suggestions?

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know through the contact page located in the top right (or here).



Many people might see this update as a massive downgrade. I completely understand that sentiment. However, when you use my programs, I want there to be a guarantee of quality. These are free passion projects designed to improve your life, not hinder it. The shutdown feature was experimental and had the opportunity to delete unsaved files unexpectedly. As with any of my works, I will not take any shortcuts to care for you.