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Vacwear Discord Bot

Possibly the greatest thing to happen to Discord since its inception, the Vacwear bot is the culmination of many hard hours of coding, a myriad of optimization victories, and at least 47 separate screaming fits of shock and confusion.

You may be wondering what this bot can do. What we hope that answer will soon become is: anything. We at Vacwear have been hard at work, providing this bot with a series of commands. While some of these are standard fare for bots, we have added many of our innovations, including (but not limited to):


With the right permissions, you turn one of your Discord compatriots into your goons.

Tell me a story

If this is typed, Vacwear will regale you with the greatest tale they know.


Want someone with higher status in the server to fall hopelessly in love with you? Then this command is for you.

There are three things we hope to prioritize with this bot. Firstly, we wanted the bot to have more conversational, human responses. We tried to give the bot more personality in the hopes that its users can have genuine, fun interactions with it. Secondly, we wanted the bot to do a substantial accumulation of commands. As much interactivity as we want the bot to have, it’s tantamount that it functions. We hope the competitive edge of the Vacwear bot will be its ability to perform a variety of tasks as good or better than other bots. Thirdly and most ambitiously, we want the bot to be easily customizable by its userbase. We hope that users will be able to craft the bot of their liking without all the code, confusion, and chaos we went through to make this.

This bot is currently in development by two homies. You will be able to bring Vacwear with you to any Discord server soon.

Rocco- Normiree#5367
Aidan- Doodoop#1762

Command help can be found here.
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